Training Services

Stephen Barker Mediation provides in-house mediation awareness and dispute resolution training for mediators, solicitors and barristers and business professionals. Stephen Barker has personally delivered continuing professional development training to several hundred lawyers, mediators and business people.

Stephen Barker Mediation offers customised off-the-shelf modules, and also completely bespoke training programmes, depending upon an organisation’s needs and resources. Stephen will be delighted to discuss your exact requirements and budgets to tailor the best training solution for each delegate group.

Training courses and modules:

General skills building and awareness
  • Real-time mock mediations
  • A mediator’s guide to mediation

Training for solicitors/legal advisers
  • Mediation presentation training/awareness
  • The legal adviser’s role in mediation
  • Negotiation training

Training for barristers
  • Making the difference at mediation: the barrister’s contribution
  • Negotiation training

Training for businesses and mediation parties
  • Mediation preparation for clients
  • Dispute negotiation: resolving disputes without pain
  • Reducing the cost of conflict
  • An introduction to Deal Mediation

Training for mediators
  • An introduction to the psychology of mediation
  • Improving the chances of settlement
  • More than a horse-trade: advanced negotiation skills training

Mediation courses tend to work best with between 6 and 18 delegates, although Stephen Barker Mediation can train smaller or larger groups if required.