Set out below are a number of useful mediation related downloads, links and recommended reading.


Stephen Barker's Mediation CV
European Code of Conduct for Mediators


Civil Mediation Council
Association of Midlands Mediators

Published Articles by Stephen Barker

Peeping behind the curtain - Is the content of mediation privileged?
The Commercial Litigation Journal

A signpost change in the role of the litigator?
The Commercial Litigation Journal

How fights over unpaid bills can best be solved by mediation
The Birmingham Post

Don't be in a rush to take disputes to court
The Birmingham Post

Further reading

Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In
Roger Fisher and William Ury

Getting Past No: Negotiating With Difficult People
William Ury

Mediating Dangerously
Kenneth Cloke

Commercial Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution
Peter Fenn

Mediation of Construction Disputes
David Richbell

International Mediation: The Art of Business Diplomacy
Karl Mackie and Eileen Carroll

The ADR Practice Guide: Commercial Dispute Resolution
Karl Mackie, David Miles and William Marsh

IBA e-book: Mediation Techniques
Editor Patricia Barclay

The Definitive Guide to Workplace Mediation and Managing Conflict at Work
Clive Lewis

Family Mediation: Appropriate Dispute Resolution in a new family justice system
Lisa Parkinson

Peer Mediation: Citizenship and Social Inclusion Revisited
Hilary Cremin