Mediation Services

Unresolved conflict is bad for business
  • it distracts managers from their proper roles
  • it creates unnecessary financial uncertainty
  • it damages profitable relationships
  • it feeds rumour and harms reputations.
Mediation has the power to resolve conflict with the minimum of damage. It is a flexible procedure that is applicable to a wide range of disputes, offering creative solutions not available in arbitration or court adjudication, as well as allowing significant savings in terms of legal costs and management time.

Mediation reduces conflict by focusing on the solution rather than the battle and it can be invaluable in helping to restore damaged personal and professional relationships. Thanks to the greater sense of control it confers on the parties involved, mediation is a far less stressful alternative to arbitration and conventional court proceedings.

For more information about mediation see the Mediation FAQs. If you would like to discuss whether your dispute is right for mediation you can contact Stephen Barker here.

Mediation Experience

Stephen Barker has the experience to mediate the overwhelming majority of commercial disputes with the benefit of a lawyer’s understanding of the legal framework of the dispute. His experience includes:-
  • General commercial contracts
  • Professional negligence (solicitors, accountants, architects and valuers)
  • Automotive, manufacturing and motorsport
  • Construction and engineering
  • IT outsourcing and software development
  • Shareholder and partnership
  • Banking and finance
  • Corporate transactions, including sale and purchase agreements, completion accounts etc
  • Property rights, boundaries and rights of way
  • Environmental, oil discharge etc
  • Franchise agreements
  • Housing/local authority landlord & tenant
Stephen has conducted some extremely complex disputes requiring a firm grasp of the facts and an eye for detail. He also recognises that sometimes the simplest of cases are the hardest to crack.

Whether a case is large or small, complex or straightforward, Stephen will bring the same focus and energy to work with the parties to find a mutually acceptable lasting solution.

Stephen has full CEDR mediation accreditation and complies with the European Code of Conduct for Mediators.

Stephen Barker's Mediation CV can be downloaded here.

Stephen Barker Mediation is based in Warwick in the heart of England and within easy reach of London and the M40 corridor to the south, the M6 and the M1 to the North. Stephen accepts appointments for mediations throughout the UK, for part or single days or, if the case requires, for multiple days. Where international parties are flying to the UK to take part in the mediation meeting, parties should always consider booking at least a second day.


Sometimes two heads can be better than one and co-mediation is the answer.

Stephen Barker is always happy to work with specialist co-mediators where appropriate, such as where their particular expertise complements Stephen’s deal-making skills. In this way, it can be possible to enhance the prospects of settling complex specialist cases and deliver better value to the parties. If you are considering co-mediation, Stephen will be delighted to talk through the pros and cons of this approach and make a recommendation of a suitable co-mediator to work with him.

Stephen Barker Mediation is able to provide CVs of proposed co-mediators if required.